Young Trudeau swept the polls for a majority win today, offering Canada a fresh start under the young prime minister’s leadership. While many people are speculative of Trudeau’s open position on marijuana, over half the nation could care less that he smokes marijuana, and are more concerned about renewable energy, and using marijauna taxes to give money to hospitals, students, and seniors.

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All the corporate write-offs that were happening under the previous governments will be one of the Trudeau task forces first items on the agenda, as well as national security and border control with imports, exports, and overall GDP.

The Other Campus News Lethbridge

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The Other Campus News Lethbridge

Since Canada has completely changed in the last few years, Trudeau will have a lot of assets to work with, and will have plenty of items to address in the next few months of taking office while he puts his cabinet together to bust up some of the other politician groups that may not be as supportive.

Harper will be dearly missed by many, but the critics had a feeling that Harper would enjoy his new path, and will always be a Canadian Leader, and intricately attached to Canada after his years of Leadership. In the best democratic world, it would be nice to see the whole lot come together as friends to discuss strategy rather than debate about little things that are unimportant.

Like, why does my midterm grade suck so bad?

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Or, what am I going to wear tomorrow?

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