Diamond Earring Finds: Yours?

Hey Everybody,

Has anyone else been having good luck and finding a bunch of diamond earrings around campus?

Last night I found my third earring, and today I found one more, for a total of 4 diamond earrings in just over a month and a half!

Is this your earring?

Square Cut Diamond Earring – The Other Campus News


Topaz Cut Diamond Earring – The Other Campus News


Smaller 1/2 Carat Diamond Earring Gold Stud

These are some of the basic pictures of the first three, and I will post more pics and the most recent diamond once I get a camera.

Can you believe the luck? 4 different earrings, now please, I need your help finding the rightful owners. Does anyone know if they are missing an earring, or has a friend that is looking for a missing earring?

Please email me at robbie.chernish@uleth.ca and we can see if it is a match.

In the meantime, stay tuned for #ULETHALTNEWS, join the Sponsors Team, or send a news article or event to get your Lost and Found listed on http://www.3cpoh.com

Can you share this on Facebook and other news so these earrings can find their rightful owners?

Does anyone think I should buy a lotto ticket?



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