#ULETH #SNOWDAY — Students Have Mixed Feelings Over Snow

November 09th is one of the biggest snow days at the U of L so far this year, and it is just before a holiday so students are more confused than normal. Having to trudge the snowy trails is not only a new surprise, can be disgusting and wet. After awhile, once people get used to the snow, it can be kind of joyful to take in the change of scenery, but not without caution. So far there haven’t been too many accidents around campus, but walkers and drivers alike are encouraged to slow down at intersections and keep a safety focus in mind.

Another thing to consider is winter tires, and sloppyness in general as things get wet and muddy. this may mean bringing a boots-change-option to throw on some lighter shoes, or two pack an extra pair of socks to prevent wet feet if you plan doing a long day at Campus. Here are some snapshots of the snowstorm as it unfolds:


You can see the snow is slushy and wet and tends to pile together with like objects when the snow is cold.


Snow usually melts around zero degrees, and when heat is applied, it turns into water. To prevent your windshield wipers from freezing down, keep your wipers lifted after a hot defrost has been applied to the windshield if it is going to cool down at night.


The Buildings around Campus are formidable testaments to the architecture and brilliance, that shines through to the amazing students at #UofL.


#Uleth doesn’t usually get snow because it is in a semi-arid grassland relative to less precipitation environments found closer to the rockies, coasts, or even further north or south. 🙂 How many snowdays do you think Uleth will get this year? Any guesses?


Skiers and Snowboarders are starting to get excited to try some of the hills in the area, but watch for cactus plants! Nothing is worse than wiping out on a hairy cactus!! Your pants will have slivers, and your butt may be damaged!!!


Do you have a favorite building on campus? Can you see which areas are slippery and where caution should be taken?


How about this picture? Amazing eh?


Any ideas where this pic was taken?


The snow alters the landscape to provide a greater constrast in objects, especially with how it reflects light.


Snow is sticky when wet, and dry when cold. The crystal size of the snow depends on how cold it is when it forms in the air, and can impact its floatation in the air, but is still held constant by gravity, unless other forces like wind push it, or sun melts it.

Snow, snow, snow


Snow often disappears after a few days and a break in the weather is experienced, but in the middle of winter it can sometimes stay for months, and usually means colder weather, so get an extra blanket, toque, mitts, and other winter prep underway in case the weather decides to get cold.

In the meantime, the U has plenty of places to stay warm and dry, and the Tunnel is becoming a Campus Favorite as a means to avoid the snowy exterior if people want to stay indoors while migrating across campus.


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