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Hey Everyone,

Here is the Event Stacks for This Week captured from the Billboards around Campus.

Enjoy checking these out from your computer instead of having to stand in front of the board and see them.

Sorry for spamming so much today, but check back for more info.


I wonder what this would be like?


Anyone Plan on going to this?


This event looks like it could be sort of exciting, eh?


Now how about this? What a testament of diversity to events on campus?


Is this a club sponsored event?


There are plenty of events at the University of Lethbridge, in fact, many students do not have enough time to actually engage in all the events, and as such, have to make decisions about what events are most exciting for them.


How about this? Would you and your significant other want to attend this?


Just take a wander around campus, and see the events for yourself. Later this week we will be doing another Fine Arts and Women in Management Plug, so stay tuned as our scavenger hunting for events continues…


This appears to be both fun and informative — anyone want to go?


Events are an excellent way to break up your routine and experience something new. Not sure which event to attend? That’s ok, there are plenty of things to do — Like Study? Is anyone ready for that upcoming exam? Or, how about those papers coming due? *wink, wink


Events are fun and exciting, and can be a great way for teams and clubs to raise awareness and financing.


Make sure to email us using the link to get your event, poster, or news story shared with the community.
Please share on facebook or Like us On Facebook to help raise awareness of the Other Campus News.

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