Cross-Country Running Club #uleth – Spring Update (Shelby/Brayden)

Hello everyone!
We hope you all had a refreshing break and are having a good beginning of the semester. Just to touch base, we will not be running practices until mid February (weather dependant of course) in anticipation of the Moonlight Run in March. The race is the second weekend of the month on the 19th. Fee’s will range dependant on whether or not you wish to purchase a sweater or extra piece of pizza. There will be a web link bellow to access the sign up form. Please try and clear your schedules for this event so that we can all participate as a team.

In the mean time, if you are willing to chance the weather, try and get out there and practice. If not outside put the indoor track to work and try to keep up your endurance. If you are considering going outside be mindful of your joints and try to do at least some stretches before you chance the icy paths. Know that anyone on the Facebook page is welcome to contact their fellow runners and train together. We created the page as a means as a support group for you all; so use it to share your success, struggles, and questions.

Finally since it is a new semester we will be participating in the club rush week. Please feel free to drop by the table whenever you are free. If you are not wanting to receive anymore emails from us and have decided not to participate this semester please email us back and we will take you off.

Thank you and hope to see you all soon!
Shelby and Brayden
Team Captains

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