#uleth #artsociety – January Events

Hello All!!!
Hope you are all well-rested from the break. It’s about time that we have
a meeting wouldn’t you agree?
We are hoping that this coming up Monday at noon works for you to come
help hammer nails into coffins and such (proverbially speaking).
So that is Monday January, 18 at noon in the loft.
If nothing else, come for free treats!!!

Spread news and do art!
Sorry for late notice and for the lack of flashiness in email.

-Your Art Society Executive.
(P.S. please email items you’d like to see on the agenda/you’d like to
discuss- in a serious manner-, keeping in mind a limited time of like 45
minutes to one hour).
We intend to discuss the spring shows (February and March) as well as the
trip, generating ideas for fund raising and fun shenanigans aside from all
official business.

Hope to see you there!!!!
Also please let me know if there are any allergies we should be aware of
for providing treats.

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