#uleth Catholic Young Adults Events @Uleth

Hello everyone,

Here are the events for this month. This month’s social is a Game Night! We also have two new events this semester: Praise and Worship and Be a Saint Series!

God bless,
LCYA Council


Weekly events:

Adoration @ St. Martha’s
When: Tuesdays @ 7:30 pm
Where: St. Martha’s Parish
Details: Join us and the community for Adoration following 7 pm Mass. Father will be available for confessions and there will be a social to follow!

Mass on Campus @ U of L
When: Wednesdays and @ 8:15 am
Where: AH118
Details: Come celebrate Mass with our Chaplain Father Roque. All are welcome!

Mass on Campus @ College
When: Tuesdays @ 10 am
Where: CE1356 (LCSA Boardroom)
Details: We bring Father Roque in for Mass! Come and celebrate with us, all are welcome!

Other awesome events:

KofC Dinner
When: January 15th @ 5:30 pm
Where: St. Martha’s KofC Hall
Details: St. Martha’s Knights of Columbus are once again inviting to feed us! There will be food which starts at 6 (doors open at 5)!

Theology on Tap – Shawna and Josh Van Uden
When: January 21st @ 7 pm
Where: Hudsons Taphouse
Details: The topic is Natural Family Planning and the speakers are Josh and Shawna. Come for food, fun and fellowship!
This month’s event is for those in the community between the ages of 18 to 39.

Adoration @ Martha Retreat Centre
When: Saturday Jan. 16th @ 6-8 pm
Where: Martha Retreat Centre
Details: The Sisters of St. Martha host the community for adoration from 6 – 8 pm, everyone is welcome!

Symbolon Series
When: Wed. Jan. 20th @ 7 pm
Where: 22 Fairmont Bay South, Lethbridge
Details: We will be showing a DVD series done by the Augustine Institute led by Dr. Edward Sri and a team of dynamic teachers who provide a clear and comprehensive explanation of the Catholic faith.

This event is the spin-off of Life of the Rock at Peter at Fenny’s. This month we are in for a special treat… Peter and Fenny are going to host us!! So get prepared for some awesome fellowship and Fenny deserts!

Be A Saint: What is a Saint?

When: Monday, Jan. 25th @ 7pm

Where: Upper Room @ Assumption Church, Lethbridge

Details: "Be A Saint" is a new series that we are starting which will be a monthly, small-group faith formation event. We will discuss different aspects of the Church and the faith we profess, and how it applies or how we should apply it to our lives. There will be a different topic every month and it seemed suiting that the first one would be "what is a saint?" as this will be the overall theme of the whole series… Since the Church is calling us to be saints, how do we do that?

Every month, no matter the topic, we will be challenging ourselves and each other to dive deeper into our faith, grow in our understanding and love for Christ, and open our hearts to allow for our lives to be changed. The vision is that we will have a brief overview of the overall topic (ie. the difference between ‘saint’ and ‘Saint’), go deeper into the wisdom of the Church (through scripture, saints, CCC, Church documents and wisdom of her members), and then a practical "how do I live this?" to help us take our faith out of the four walls of the Church and be a light to the world, as we are all called to.

This event (hopefully) will not be a lecture series (that depends on your participation!). However it will be a ‘guided conversation’ so that important points of the topic are covered while allowing for all attendees to voice questions and ideas as they are comfortable. The attendees will have input into what topics they would like to cover each month as it will be a group-driven event!

Game Night
When:Sat. Jan. 30 @ 7pm
Where: 77 Tudor Blvd. South, Lethbridge
Details: Come relax, hang out with friends, and play some board games! This will be the LCYA ‘social event’ this month.

The following games will be there FOR SURE:
-Apples to apples
-Settlers of Catan
-Sum word game (similar to Cranium)
-Dutch blitz
-A few decks of cards

If you have board games of your own you want to play, please bring them!

Praise and Worship Night

When: Friday Jan. 29 @ 7pm

Where: Andy’s Place (AH100), University of Lethbridge

Details: Come join us for our new, monthly praise and worship night! Come to sing, listen, and spend some time with the other Catholic young adults from our community.
"They who sing, pray twice." ~ St. Augustin

Eucharistic Adoration

When: Friday, Jan. 29. 9am-9pm.

Where: St. Basils Church, Lethbridge. 604 13th Street N.

Details: “The Church and the world have a great need of Eucharistic worship. Jesus waits for us in this sacrament of love.” St. John Paul II

Following daily Mass at 9am, the Blessed Sacrament will be exposed for Eucharistic Adoration until 9pm. A minimum of 2 people will be needed for each hour. Sign up sheets will be available in St. Basil and Assumption church entrances.

FAMILY HOUR from 4-5pm
If you do not normally bring your small children to Adoration because you fear they will be a disruption, this hour is for you! Families should feel very welcome to come adore the Blessed Sacrament. Stay however long your little ones are able to tolerate

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