#CKXU PLAYLIST Update (2016-#01)

Hello CKX-you all!
Happy new year. A bunch of stuff to mention for the new year —Some important things too (check the green and yellow highlights below)!

  1. New year, new playlist. Here’s the first update of 2016, featuring releases from the end of last year and beginning of this year. I removed a number of albums from earlier on in the playlist too, so please be aware that some you might be looking for may be gone. Spooky. The new list is attached to this email and the Music Director’s picks are below. A few new locals too, including Vanden Dool, Papa King Cole, and a couple compilations!
  2. Continute to carefully return albums to their correct location on the playlist and thanks for keeping logs. Here’s the latest CKXU charts: http://www.earshot-online.com/charts/ckxu.cfm
  3. If you’d like to contribute to the CKXU’s Year End Lists , this is your last chance as it will be published this week on the website! It doesn’t have to be music though. It can be news, topics, movies, articles, TV episodes, you name it. Just write what you’re listing in the space provided. Add in your top 10 picks before 11:59pm, Wednesday, January 20th, at this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14tM1klzUTgJUR8xNIqPcu3k05_FRiAu9NkCM5CA5XQ8/edit?usp=sharing
  4. FUNDrive 2016 is approaching very quickly! We’d like to help you get some amazing programming for your radio show. Let me know if you’d like to setup an interview with any of your favorite artists and we can try to arrange a time for you to prerecord a conversation with them to promote your show with and play during that week!
  5. Don’t forget the CKXU Valentine’s Day 50’s Sockhop! February 13th at The Slice. $10 adv. or $15 at the door.
  6. Live at CKXU has a few new videos up on the CKXU YouTube page from the past semester’s team. More coming soon too! Check them out here:

R.Ariel from Phoenix, AZ

Hearing Trees from Winnipeg, MB

Lot’s more stuff coming this year. Be on the lookout.

0467 Autre Ne Veut Age of Transparency Electronic pop and R&B singer with some compelling tunes
0471 Sonar Black Light Postrock/Avantjazz in the vein of Swans, Schnellertollermeier
0475 King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Paper Mache Dream Balloon Unforgettable name –oh, and also some surfy freak folk psychrock
0484 Little You, Little Me I’d Watch the Day Til it Died Postpunk with some grungy attitude
0485 Smokes Zone Eater This is interesting –dark psychrock and shoegaze as indie rock
0486 Run with the Kittens Casio Glue Bomb Every indierock genre blended together in total defiance on 2 discs
0489 Peaches Rub EXPLICIT –but awesome electro
0490 AA Wallace In Alpha Zones Upbeat dance rock!
0631 Nionde Plagan Frustration Pretty Swedish posthardcore and screamo (the good kind)
0632 Lamantide Carnis Tempora: Abyssus Very heavy hardcore from Italy
1203 The Wainwright Sisters Songs in the Dark Loudon Wainwright’s daughters doing some beautiful renditions of traditionals and covers
1210 Rattlesnake Choir The Prospector’s Curse Really well-made country and roots rock
2093 Adolyne Of Ash/Of Shit/Of Shame Excrutiatingly brutal mathcore
2094 Ritual Ritual Nearly numetal, but staying on the noiserock/hardcore side of the spectrum
2096 The Inflation Kills Grounds for Termination Great punkrock/posthardcore EP from members of TV Freaks and an Offspring-esque vocalist
3043 Le Matos Chronicles of the Wasteland/Turbo Kid Impressive 2CD album/soundtrack to new cult film for those who like Daft Punk
3045 Grossbuster Singularity Excellent beats for rhyming over
3046 Souns Ambient A My new favorite droney, ambient, spacey electronics
3047 Moss Harvest Iliac Viscera 2 tracks of skittery ambient techno and droney soundscape from Calgary
3048 Corinthian Kathryne Keyron Subtle darkness emerges from ambience and beats from Calgary
5014 Nomadica Dance of the Infidels Very funky Arabic world jazz!
6087 Raoul Björkenheim and Ecstacy Out of the Blue Crossing jazz and psychrock boundaries
6088 Adam Rudolph and Go: Organic Guitar Orchestra Turning Towards Light Guitars make up an experimental ensemble

Sean Warkentine,
Music Director at CKXU 88.3 FM

SU-162 4401 University Drive W
Lethbridge, AB, Canada
T1K 3M4

Listen at 88.3 FM or online at www.ckxu.com



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