#ulethnso Arts and Science Co-op Event on Feb 6th

Happy Monday!!!

Please see below details for a fun upcoming event for the Co-op Club!

Mark your calendars!

We’re very excited to be organizing the Co-op EscapeRoom for Saturday, February 6th at 4:30pm. It will take an hour to complete the room (or less if you’re with a good group), followed by casual appetizers and beverages at Hudson’s for those that want a little reward! The cost is still being calculated, but will likely be around $10 per person, and we’ll send a confirmation email as soon as we find out! Please RSVP in the next couple of days at the following link:


(I know it looks intimidating, but I promise it literally takes thirty seconds to complete). The GreatEscape is located on 1806 – 3rd Ave S, and you can check out the rooms online:


Thanks for being a part of the club – we’re very excited for this event!

– Brooke (on behalf of the lovely Ms. Stuart and Ms. Garber)


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