This is a reminder that the Art Society is holding a trip during this
upcoming reading week to Seattle and Portland, via train. We have funding
available to send five or more active members with accommodations and
transport paid "plus small perdiem".

The current list of eligible members that will be selected at lottery are:

Luke Hermary
Amy Parks
Jenn Wood
Amy Dalton
Janice Wardle
Samantha Davis
Calculus (Kyle) Datingaling
Kirsten Meiszinger
Amanda Schlamp

If you are not on the list and would like to be included we will be having
one last meeting to discuss the trip and conduct the lottery on Wednesday,
February 3rd at 4pm in the Loft (above the woodshop W896)

If you cannot make that day but would like to be included in the lottery
please email artsociety 24 hours before the meeting.

Anyone going on the trip will need to have February 12-22 free.

People who are not chosen in the lottery for a free trip are still able to
join the trip.
Cost will be "$500" which covers transportation and accommodation.

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