GEEK Reminder for JAMS Tomorrow

Alright, so here’s the scoop:We have two more meetings for JAMS before Reading Week so we’re going to use that time to finish up with Shirobako before we move on to our next series. That means that with 8 episodes left we’ll have to power through 4 by the end of tomorrow and then the last 4 before next Monday. Totally doable.

With that being said, we probably won’t hop into the next series right after Reading Week, we’ll set the first Monday back aside as a Movie Night. This means that y’all have 3 weeks to come up with a better movie to watch (and discuss) as a group than Grave of the Fireflies, otherwise we all get to be SUPER DEPRESSED together and it’ll all be YOUR FAULT.

Until then though, JAMS proceeds as normal, so I expect to see the same friendly faces tomorrow from 5-8 in Turcotte Hall 241.

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