IVCF Newsflash #ulethclubs

IVCF Lethbridge News!

Hello friends here are the updates for this week!

Twitter: @lethbridge_ivcf

Check out our Facebook: www.facebook.com/IVCFlethbridge

Here is what is up in the next week:


These potluck feasts are a chance to eat some great food, unwind, hang out, and play some games. Come on out to 119 Riverbrook Close West at 6:30 PM every Thursday Night.

Weekly Small Group Bible Study

This semester we will study the book of Isaiah! Come join us for the adventure of exploring this Old Testament book.

Monday in the Library

12:00- 2:00 pm led by Graeme and Ainsley

University Library – Group room
L1034 (Last room on the main floor)

More info? Text Graeme: 250-919-2470

Monday on Residence

6:30 – 8:30 pm led by Gloria and Maddie

On residence – Townhouse Siksika #18
More info? Text Gloria: 403-771-0342


Do you want to get connected or just meet someone new? Do you have questions to ask us? Why not go out for coffee with one of our leaders? If you would like coffee (or tea) with someone text Gloria @ 403-771-0342 and we will get you connected.

Watch it Wednesday

(Formally GATH) Wednesday 7:30 at Galileo’s. This is our weekly discussion based on a Hollywood movie. Come check it out – it is awesome!


The past, the present and the future all walk into a bar at the SAME TIME…..it was tense.

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