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ARI's Student Programs Newsletter

Spend Your Summer Interning at ARI!

Does a summer of intellectual engagement, professional development and financial gain sound fun? Then consider interning at ARI’s California or Virginia offices! We’ve partnered with the Koch Internship Program (KIP) to create a uniquely impactful experience for ambitious students eager to develop their leadership potential, boost their resumes and build their networks while contributing to projects that advance Ayn Rand’s philosophy of reason, individualism and capitalism. Interns will benefit from an individualized study of Objectivism facilitated by ARI and entrepreneurial training provided by KIP.

Learn more and be sure to apply by the 3/31 deadline.

Act Now to Attend OCON on Scholarship

Dozens of students will join hundreds of creators, thought-leaders and top experts in Rand’s radical, life-affirming philosophy July 2–7 in the greater Seattle, Washington area. Will you be there to connect with other active-minded students over powerful ideas, enjoy special student programming and learn from the insights of inspiring presenters? With our steeply discounted student registration rate of $100, an additional 25 percent discount if you register by 3/31 and up to $1,500 in student scholarships, you can be! But act now as funds are limited and allotted on a rolling basis.

Find more info here and register by 3/31 for 25% off!

Earn $1,000 for Writing and Activism

Are you tired of seeing every view but your own represented in class and on campus? You’re in luck! ARI has launched two new contests to reward students who work creatively and effectively at influencing campus culture and discourse. Eligible students or campus clubs will be those that promote the individualistic, enterprising spirit of capitalism and its productive source, rationality, celebrated in Ayn Rand’s novels and essays. We’ll accept entries for writing published in a collegiate forum, as well as documented activism and outreach efforts. Show us what you’ve got and you could win $1,000!
Get full details here and submit your entries by 4/22.

Enter Essay Contests on Ayn Rand’s Powerful Novels

Bring Objectivism to Your Campus with Free Resources

If you could earn money for reading a thought-provoking story, sharing your ideas about its meaning and value and developing your strengths as a writer, would you? Well, you can! Simply enter one of our prestigious international contests. Anthem is for grades 8–10, awards prizes up to $2,000 and has a 3/25 deadline. The Fountainhead is for grades 11–12, awards prizes up to $10,000 and has a 4/29 deadline. Atlas Shrugged, for college students, will reopen in 2017.

Learn more and submit your entry here.

ARI offers many free resources to help students bring Objectivism to their campuses. Want to raise awareness? We’ll gladly send kits with pamphlets of essays, copies of The Undercurrent magazine and swag to distribute. Eager to start a conversation? We can send speakers for events. Interested in exploring Ayn Rand’s ideas with others? We’ll email you our Campus Clubs Manual, a how-to guide for getting started, and ship books for your meetings.

Request your free resources today!

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