GEEK Drama Games Night Tomorrow!!!

So remember how I said March was going to be a big month for GEEK? I wasn’t lying, and to prove it we’re kicking off with a Drama Games night tomorrow. It’s like all the things you wish you could do to your friends while playing Magic or Betrayal, BUT YOU’RE ACTUALLY ALLOWED TO DO THEM. Okay, maybe not quite, but the games are definitely more physical so you might end up beaning someone with a pool noodle.

Important thing for this event, you do need to sign a waiver due to potential hazards from people acting too silly, so try to be a hair early so that you don’t waste precious game time filling out forms. It’s only one sheet of paper, but if no one remembers to bring pens it can take a while to fill all of them out. Also, we’ll have a big announcement at the meeting so try to be there so you don’t miss it (and remember to harass one of the execs that’s there so that they remember to announce it).

Game time will be 6-9 in Markin Hall 1035 as per usual. Bring water, you might need it (there is a fountain outside, but you’re less likely to drink enough water if that’s the only place you’re getting it from).

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