GEEK Simultaneous Information Overload Go!

Morning everybody,As you may have noticed, I’m a day "late" with today’s reminder email for tonight’s club activities. But what if I told you that I’m not late, I just have important info for everyone that missed Wednesday and I want everyone to hear it AT THE SAME TIME? Crazy, right? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

So what is this fancy news? Well it’s March now, which means we’ll be opening up elections for all positions for next term, so anyone who wants to be part of the exec team can start getting nominations in order and prep for a head to head battle with the current exec team. Do you have the time needed to run a club smoothly? Can you muster the courage to step up to the plate? Are you able to sway the hearts of the masses to follow you unerringly? Then you just might have a shot at winning it all!

Speaking of duking it out for prestigious prizes, we’re hosting a gaming tournament on the 23rd. Sm4sh, Rocket League and Street Fighter as well as a MYSTERY GAME fill the roster, so get to practicing and prove to everyone that you got good. If competitive gaming isn’t really your thing or you feel like you won’t be able to hold your own against some of the more seasoned players, fear not, there’s another way to win lovely prizes this month!

We haven’t worked out the exact date yet, but we will be running a raffle in the near future. The grand prize is a gaming controller of your choice! There will be a price cap on the controller because some of them can get crazy expensive (hi xbox one elite controller) BUT the more tickets we sell, the higher the price cap can go (we’re going to guarantee a minimum of $60)! Tickets will be $2 a pop or 3 for $5 but we won’t start handing out tickets until we nail down the draw date (we should have that finalized by Monday) so for now just drool over the possibilities.

Alright, that about sums up everything you need to know if you missed Wednesday’s meet. Remember that today we’re meeting in Anderson Hall 175 from 4:00-10:00 today instead of Markin Hall 1035 because yay reasons!

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