IMPORTANT: Vote for a date!!!

Hey Exec,

I am drafting up the year end event proposal and have two dates that people suggested. Either Friday April 8th or Thursday April 14th. I need everyone to reply back to me (either text or email) by the end of Monday March 21 with which date works better for them!!!!

As per the suggestions that were made from the last email it will be held at my place and we will do bio games (charades, jeopardy and the bio themed heads up) and appetizers/hot dogs and drink the wine that Dakota and I made. I cannot get a fire pit in my backyard as it is too tree covered. But I still have lots of things to do and I can personally guarantee those who show up will have a great time 🙂

Have yourselves a great Week!

On Sat, Mar 12, 2016 at 11:25 AM, Benns, Nevada <nevada.benns> wrote:

Hi everyone, i’d be down with what we did last year, bonfire, hotdogs, marshmallows and the wine? Unfortunately my friends place is a no go do to circumstances. I live in a small condo, without a private yard space so I can’t have a bon fire. I do have a court yard grassy space behind my condo, but again its not private.

the closer to to the 1st of April is better for me. all of my finals are in class except one so the 2nd and 3rd weekends of arpil are tough, but I will try to make it all work.


On Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 4:27 PM, Bio, Club <> wrote:

Hey Exec!

I am hoping to start the planning of our Year End gathering. I would like to get some dates/suggestions so that the event proposal can get in soon!
Please respond with a date that works for you in April and a suggestion of what you want to do (activities, food, etc.). The wine has been made and will be available for drinking at the year end gathering so I hope everyone can make it 🙂

I think the initial phases of planning can be done through email as meetings have not had many people showing up.

My suggestion is at my place we can do games and such I just don’t have a fire pit so it would be mainly indoors.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and have a great weekend!

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