GEEK Raffle Winners, Lost Water Bottles and Elections, Oh My!

So as we wind down from the games tournament, some announcements need to be made. First of all, congratulations to Callum Attwell for winning the raffle for the game controller! Woot woot! Make sure you contact one of the execs so we can get the ball rolling for that. Secondly, someone left a water bottle at the meet tonight, so if you’ve come to realize you’re suddenly missing your liquid companion, shoot me a reply and I’ll get it back to you. Lastly and most importantly, elections are upon us, and thanks to the long weekend they’re postponed to April 2nd, so send in your nominations to me before then so that if you can’t make it to the meet on the 2nd we can still get you some representation. Keep in mind you can’t nominate yourself for anything (someone else will have to do that for you) and you’ll have to be attending the university as an undergrad student during the Fall 2016 term to be eligible. You DON’T have to be a full time student, but you do have to be an undergrad.

The positions up for election are President (in charge of external affairs, community involvement and public relations), Vice President (in charge of internal affairs and communications), Events Coordinator (schedules events and meetings through the SU), Secretary/Treasurer (in charge of keeping the account balance accurate and keeping a record of executive meetings and club council) and Grand Overseer of JAMS (sets the theme and flow for JAMS). If one of these sounds like something you or someone you know might be interested in, let me know! It’d be nice to not run for President uncontested.

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