geoclub-l Election Results and Games Night

Geography Club Meeting Minutes

March 29, 2016

1. The hike to Writing on stone this Saturday is cancelled because no one can lead the hike.

2. Elections (by unanimous voting, sort of) your new:

a. President is Brooke Kapeller.

b. Vice President is Christian Sprinkhuysen

c. Treasurer is Sarah McCrady

d. Congratulations new executive team, have fun!!

e. Big thanks to Candace, Raj, and Lorne for their hard work this year!!!

3. Everybody who went to the WDCAG has been reimbursed even if we took $40 out for next year’s conference.

4. Come out on April 5, 2016 @ 7pm for our last event Movie/games night! See you all there!

5. That is it – have a good summer everyone and good luck in all your future endeavors!!

The mountains are calling and I must go – John muir.

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