GEEK We Have New Execs :D Also, GEEK Tonight

Alrighty, it’s time for another one of those "let’s send out a message to Facebook and everyone’s email at the same time so that no one has advantage on information" posts.

After a flurry of magnificent speeches followed by grueling captcha filled voting, Saturday saw us crown our new list of GEEK executives. Without any further ado, introducing the 6 people who will rule over your free time:

President: Matthew Hutchinson

Vice President: Malcolm Johnson

Events Coordinator: Megan Vardy

Secretary: Megan Kennedy

Treasurer: Jordan Kolody

Grand Overseer of JAMS: Aqil Pirmohamed

You may have noticed that I’m no longer Vice President and have ascended to the peak of the throne. This is both awesome and not so awesome at the same time. It means I can do more for everybody and help organize community events more easily to get our name out there into the community and grow our footprint in Lethbridge, but it also means that I have to give up the Facebook account and email list and let Malcolm take the wheel once he knows what he’s doing. I’m going to miss sending out quirky messages to folks half a dozen times a week 😦

Anyhoo, thar be GEEK tonight, so come on down to Markin Hall 1035 from 6-9 to have a good time!

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