#UofLConfessions – Journal Excerpt #06182001 #alumni

I quit smoking today; again for the umpteenth time. Our neighbours just put some cattle on their land and they are noisy. Mooing incessantly. I have been quite disconcerted lately because of my lifestyle. I work 7 days a week, go out often, stay up late, and am quitting smoking. Usually drink lots of alcohol. Don’t have time to do the things I want to.

Melissa, my lover for many years, who betrayed, and was betrayed by me, was in town today. She has come home for the summer is working at IGA. It was great seeing her again. I am haphazard with women. I am outgoing and shy, but dont know what to expect from them. It is terrible.

That is where much attraction comes into play! The Mystery!

I am on slightly bad terms with my buddy jonny because he was going out with my friend Kelly and was all sour about it. We got drunk on Thursday and went to Warren’s house. He was bitching about how I should go out with her because I spend more time with her than him and a bunch of other shit. On Saturday he wouldn’t wait for an hour to give me a ride out to Hawg Flatts for the motorcycle rally, and smoked half an 1/8th of weed I purchased. He was lying and pulling guilt trips on me like mad. Fuckin sellout.

Hawg Flatts was super sweet! Friday night Entropy, Rylan’s band played like mad. I got really drunk on beer and stoned on weed. Dan, Bill, Mason, B-Dawg, Gorks, and tons of people were out partying hard. I slept in Kevin’s car when I finally went to bed at 4:30 AM. Awoke at 7:30 AM to catch a ride to town for work at the Golf Course.

    Unitited Poem

Looking Up
Feeling Down
Open Arms
Closed Eyes
Shut Tight
Open Light
Knees Trembling Mastery
Blasphemy Stinted
Blazed Heads Shaven
Smooth Burnt Orbs
Heeding Warning
Simplified Mourning


After work on Sat. went home, ate, had a power-nap, and called Heather. Went out to her place at 9:30, left the van there and took her car out to the Flatts for round 2 party session! It was a good night of partying and HMS and me left at 3:30 AM. There were biker gangs, wet t-shirt contest, live music, and a grand time overall. I want to camp there next year without working. Got to Heather’s house at 4am. Went to bed shortly after and awoke at 7:30. Drove to town, hung-over, tired, and bought a deli-style ham at Subway.

Snagged some smokes from Rascal’s and cruised out to work. Put the coffee on and noticed my boss was absent. Took advantage of the situation by cruising home and sleeping for an hour. Wherein he called me. It was a decent day at work, except for the fact that everyone was stressed. Made $15 in tips. Good deal. I only make minimum wage.

Last week I got 8 hardcover psychology texts from the Uni, and they are all in mint condition. I signed up for an investment plan with IG, where $50 is removed from my account automatically! The economy is doing terrible, but has potential to do drastically worse. Gotta run, started reading Women In Love by D.H. Lawrence.

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