IVCF Newflash!

IVCF Lethbridge News!

Hello friends here are the updates for this week!

Twitter: @lethbridge_ivcf

Check out our Facebook: www.facebook.com/IVCFlethbridge

Here is what is up in the next week:

Year-End Wrap-Up Feast

This week is the last potluck opportunity! It is going to be super fun, so everyone should come! For those of you who haven’t yet been able to make it, we don’t bite! We are all friendly and I promise you will be warmly welcomed. Hope to see you there! Come on out to 119 Riverbrook Close West at 6:30 PM every Thursday Night.

Weekly Small Group Bible Study

Last Bible Study is this week! This week, we are not studying Isaiah, but the first section of the book of Mark. We’ll be discussing John the Baptist and our favourite person, Jesus! But, that’s all for spoilers. You’ll have to see the rest on Monday! We hope to see you there!

Monday in the Library

12:00- 2:00 pm led by Graeme and Ainsley
University Library – Group room
L1034 (Last room on the main floor)
More info? Text Graeme: 250-919-2470

Monday on Residence

6:30 – 8:30 pm led by Danae and Maddie
On residence – Townhouse Siksika #18
More info? Text Maddie: 587-999-8688


MarkWest is a fantastic opportunity to dig into scripture, and to have an awesome time at camp with wonderful people. There are three different tracks to sign up for: Mark 1 (the first half of Mark, which is intense), Mark 2 (the second half of Mark, which is also very intense, but you need the first half to get it), and Genesis (brand-new this year, this one covers the first big chunk of Genesis – it will be intense). MarkWest is held every year at Alberta Pioneer Ranch Camp, near Rocky Mountain House. It will run from May 1-7 and the fee is $350, but you only need the first $50 handy to register. It will be fantastic and I encourage you all to consider it!
More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/420653154801891/
To register: https://www.ivcf.ca/register/MARKwest/rocky2016


For those of you that haven’t yet been out to an IVCF event, or is just in need of a good chat, it is not too late to contact us to meet for coffee! Please do not be afraid to give us a text to let us know. Feel free to text Gloria @ 403-771-0342 and we will get you connected.

Watch it Wednesday

Last week was the last Watch it Wednesday, so there will be none this coming week.


Q: Why are hurricanes only given female names? (eg Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy)
A: Because otherwise they would be called him-icanes.

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