GEEK Lost USBs :(

To add a little more information to the forwarded message:
Sometime between Friday evening and Monday morning, some USBs inside a grey glasses case that was on the podium of Anderson Hall 175 went missing. The case itself did not go missing, suggesting foul play. While we can account for the evening for pretty much everyone who came out for Saturday, we were the only club to use the room over the weekend so we are being included in the investigation.
If anyone has any information that could help Bonnie Lee or security with recovering the lost USBs (maybe you had an evening class on Friday or a morning class on Monday and noticed something) please get in contact with them so that we can help speed up the investigation. Bonnie Lee will be coming down to GEEK tonight to have a discussion with the members who can make it in hopes of gleaning some new information (email correspondence isn’t exactly the best way to resolve time sensitive issues) so if you were at GEEK on Saturday, please try to make it there tonight.If you do know something substantial but can’t use this information to convince whoever took the USBs over the weekend to return them to the drop box (for example, you share a class with the person but don’t know them outside of that class) and wish to remain as anonymous as possible, you can start your reply to this email with the phrase "A friend of mine told me" and then only myself and Malcolm will have knowledge of who sent the tip. Bonnie and security won’t know who sent the tip unless you’ve given us the okay to share that with them.

On Wed, Apr 13, 2016 at 9:57 AM, Geek Club, UofL <> wrote:

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