Father’s Day Gift #bitcoin

For a perfect Father’s day gift, consider getting your dad this amazing Bitcoin and Altcoin Catalog with prices, metrics, clear images, and a commentary from the Coin Currency News Press.

This product has over 100 pages (106 pages), is in full color, and comes delivered via email to your inbox.  As one of the first e-books on the subject, this is a great timeless piece of history that can be offered and purchased now, and well into the future!

For Father’s Day, or as a handy compendium manual for the enthusiastic Altcoin trader, this Top 100 Altcoins Catalog is a great piece!


Check out this amazingly rad item


Screen shot 2016-06-03 at 10.40.39 PM.png



    BUY OUR SPECIAL 2016 Crypto Coins E-Catalogue Now!

Learn all about Bitcoin, Altcoins, their prices, and short history of the coins, as well as some of the exchanges they are traded on, mining algorithms, total supply and other interesting tidbits. Great for gifts, beginner traders, and coin enthusiasts of all ages!

https://coincurrencynews.com/2371-2/ – click here to see initial statement release!


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