#Elastos Saves The Costs of Books Bubble

In the past year, student interest in blockchain technology has increased dramatically with over 42 percent of the world’s top 50 universities now offering courses on the emerging technology.


But while higher education institutions are taking steps to educate their student base on the space, they are falling short when it comes to integrating the technology in a way that tangibly impacts their students every semester — and it’s not the rising cost of tuition.

The average cost of college textbooks, whether it be print, online, rented, or bought, has risen four times faster than the rate of inflation over the past 10 years, forcing students to spend hundreds, if not thousands, on textbooks. As blockchain continues to find ample use cases, the question must be asked: why can’t we apply this technology to the same institutions in which we are learning about it from?


Removing the middleman entirely, Elastos allows content producers to create a finite amount of scholarly journals, and then sell them (or give charitably) directly to people who want to read them. With the integration of this technology in the classroom, not only would the cost of online textbooks decrease, but students and could own (and re-sell) digital textbooks — perhaps even back to the textbook publishers themselves. It’s been said that college-associated fees are a bubble; already considered a disruptor of established industries, blockchain could be part of the solution to stave off the bubble bursting.

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