#Uleth Students Can Get Free Teen Coin #tlfs

Teen Coin has recently made a deal with 3cpoh to offer Uleth Students the opportunity to use Teen Coin as a way to create new business, new clubs, and innovative use cases.


As the founder’s of Teen Coin are Uleth Alumni, it only makes sense to support the Alma Mater of the project, The University of Lethbridge, which can make it’s students even more successful than they already are.




Students interested in developing the project, and getting a free airdrop can complete the Google Form:


Complete the Application Form here:




We encourage all students to take an interest in Cryptocurrency as it is changing the landscape of technology and innovation.


In fact, every student will be exposed to Blockchain technology in one form or another, it they haven’t been already.


Have a project like Teen Coin offers students the tools to create new use cases, businesses, club, and a way to send and transfer money.


We encourage you to get involved with MyTeenCoin and secure your future with this innovative toolkit.



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